Abstract Submission

The 2018 IASR Conference will be held in Madrid, Spain from July 17-20, 2018.

The IASR Executive Board is currently reviewing submissions from researchers interested in presenting their scientific research in the form of brief communications, data blitzes, and posters. A preliminary scientific program and detailed calls for abstracts can be viewed on the website or downloaded as a PDF.

The deadline for brief communications, data blitzes, and poster presentations has passed.

Only symposium, invited speaker, and presidential presentation abstracts may still be submitted through the abstract submission form by the June 1 deadline.

Please remember, in general, the first author on the abstract is the person expected to present. Presenters, if selected, must register for the conference. Consult the registration information page to learn about fees and deadlines.

Formatting Guidelines

Below is a sample abstract for the upcoming IASR meeting. Please follow the instructions and format your submission to look like this example.

This is an example of your abstract title: It should be bolded, in mostly lower case letters, and centered

Jane D. Doe, Ph.D., Sex Research University; John. B. Doe, Ph.D., University of Sex Research;
J. Kristina Doe, M.Sc., Sex Research University

Insert the text of your abstract here. Your abstract (plus the key words, funding sources, and any references you choose to list) must fit comfortably on 1 page, single-spaced, 12-pt Garamond font, with 1” borders around.

Key Words: Insert key words here.

Funding Sources: Insert funding sources here.