2018 Best Junior Poster Winner Sara Chadwick

2018 Best Junior Poster Winner Sara Chadwick

Best Student Manuscript Awards

2019: Julia O’Loughlin (supervised by Lori Brotto), University of British Columbia, How does childhood trauma impact women’s sexual desire? The role of depression, stress, and cortisol

2018: Samantha J. Dawson (supervised by Natalie Rosen), Dalhousie University, The effect of static versus dynamic stimuli on visual processing of sexual cues in androphilic women and gynephilic men

2017: Malvina Skorska (supervised by Anthony Bogaert), Brock University, Pubertal stress and nutrition and their association with sexual orientation and height in the Add Health data

2016: Matt Bramble (supervised by Eric Vilain), University of California at Los Angeles, Sex-specific effects of testosterone on the sexually dimorphic transcriptome of embryonic neural stem/progenitor cells

2015: Jackie Huberman (supervised by Meredith Chivers), Queen's University, Different Devices, Same Story? Using Thermography and Plethysmography to Examine Gender-specificity of Sexual Response in Women and Men

2014: Daphne van de Bongardt (supervised by Ellen Reitz, Theo Sandfort, and Maja Deković), Utrecht University, Peer Norms and Adolescent Sexual (Risk) Behavior: A Meta-Analysis

2013: Jennifer Bossio (supervised by Meredith Chivers)

2012: Lelia Samson (supervised by Erick Janssen)

2011: Sabina Sarin (supervised by Irv Binik)

2010: Krystelle Shaughnessy (supervised by Sandi Byers)

2009: Doug VanderLaan (supervised by Paul Vasey)

2008: Amy Lykins (supervised by Marta Meana)

2007: Tuuli Kukkonen (supervised by Irv Binik)

Best Brief Communication Awards

2019: Kaytlin Renfro, Emory University, “The relationship between women’s hormonal state and their motivation to view images of food or sex”

2018: Julia Velten, Ruhr University Bochum, “Cognitive biases and sexual function: Using the open-ended scenario task to measure biased interpretations of ambiguous sexual situations”

2017: Sara Chadwick, University of Michigan, "Pornography: Women’s agentic strategies for avoiding negative affect and maintaining positive experiences"

2016: Laura Widman, North Carolina State University, "ProjectHeartForGirls.com: Acceptability and preliminary efficacy of an online HIV/STD prevention program for adolescent girls emphasizing sexual communication skills"

2015: Tierney Lorenz, Indiana University, "Sexual activity moderates shifts in Th1/Th2 cytokine profile across the ovarian cycle"

2014: Katy Goldey, University of Michigan, "Defining Pleasure: A Focus Group Study of Dyadic Sexual Pleasure in Queer and Heterosexual Women"

Best Junior Poster Awards

2019: Alejandra Hernández, National Autonomous University of Mexico, “Influence of maternal conditions on sexual preference of the male progeny in rats”

2018: Sara Chadwick, University of Michigan, “When orgasms do not equal pleasure: Accounts of negative orgasm experiences during consensual encounters”

2017: Kaitlyn Goldsmith, University of New Brunswick, "Extending the relationship maintenance framework: Sexual maintenance behaviors in long-distance and geographically close relationships"

2016: Amelia Stanton, University of Texas at Austin, "Autogenic training increases subjective and physiological sexual arousal in sexually functional women"

2015: Morag Yule, University of British Columbia, "Masturbation and sexual fantasy among asexual individuals: An in depth exploration"

2014: Sara Jahnke, TU Dresden, "Challenging the Stigma Towards People with Pedophilia Among Psychotherapists in Training"

Best Senior Poster Awards

2019: Doug VanderLaan, University of Toronto Mississauga, “Thai ‘third’ gender children’s appraisals of gender-non-conforming peers: An experimental vignette study”

2018: Paulina Tomaszweska, University of Potsdam, “Preventing sexual aggression among university students in Germany: First results of an intervention study”

2017: Sophia Jawed-Wessel, University of Nebraska at Omaha, "Predictors of sexual satisfaction during pregnancy: A multi-level model describing the sexuality of couples in their first 12 weeks"

2016: Kateřina Klapilová, Charles University and National Institute of Mental Health, "Kamasutra in practice: The use of sexual positions by Czech and Slovak citizens and the association with female orgasms"

2015: Laura Baams, Utrecht University, "Puberty, popularity, and intimate relationships among early adolescents: Longitudinal findings in the Netherlands"

2014: Mayte Parada, McGill University, "A Pain in the Clitoris: A Systematic Description of Clitorodynia"

Student Research Development Awards (SRDA)


  • Mirte Brom (mentored by Stephanie Both), Leiden University Medical Centre

  • Lanna Petterson (mentored by Paul Vasey), University of Lethbridge


  • Samantha Dawson (mentored by Meredith Chivers), Queen's University

  • Kathryn Rancourt, Dalhousie University

  • David Lick, New York University

  • Kevin Hsu, Northwestern University


  • Sara Chadwick (mentored by Sari van Anders), University of Michigan

  • Stéphanie Gauvin and Kathleen Merwin (mentored by John Sakaluk), Queen’s University and Dalhousie University


  • Kiffer Card (mentored by Robert S. Hogg), University of Victoria

  • Talia Shirazi (mentored by David Puts), Pennsylvania State University


  • Amber Craig (mentored by Julia Heiman), Indiana University

  • Francisco Gómez (mentored by Paul Vasey), University of Lethbridge


  • Amelia Stanton (mentored by Cindy Meston), University of Texas at Austin

  • Scott Semenyna (mentored by Paul Vasey), University of Lethbridge

Richard Green Founding President Annual Presentation Award

2019: Chris Beyrer, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, “How would you like your PrEP? The fit of new prevention tools to lived sexual lives”

2018: Peter Hegarty, University of Surrey, “What social cognition research offers to the debate between sexuality research as ‘discursive’ vs. politically-neutral science”

2017: C. Sue Carter, The Kinsey Institute, "The developmental effects of oxytocin: A love story"

2016: Afsaneh Najmabadi, Harvard University, "Verdicts of science and rulings of faith: What can we learn from transsexuality in Iran?"

Richard Green Lifetime Achievement Award

2018: John Bancroft, Indiana University

2017: Ray Blanchard, University of Toronto

2016: Richard Green, IASR Founding President and Founding Editor of the Archives of Sexual Behavior

Richard Green Founding Editor Essay Award

2018: Meredith Chivers, Queen’s University, The specificity of women’s sexual response and its relationship with sexual orientations: A review and ten hypotheses AND Michael Seto, Royal Ottawa Health Care Group, The puzzle of male chronophilias