* Titles subject to change

The Richard Green Founding President Annual Presentation
Chair: Sari van Anders
Peter Hegarty. What social cognition research offers to the debate between sexuality research as “discursive” vs. politically-neutral science.

Invited Plenary Speaker
Chair: E. Sandra Byers
Nicola Doering. Sex toys, sex dolls, sex robots: Our under-researched bedfellows.

Presidential Address
E. Sandra Byers. Yes, Women are Just as Satisfied with Sex as Men are, and Other Surprising Things I Learned in 40 Years of Sex Research.

* Titles, speakers, and order subject to change

SYMPOSIUM I: Transgender Health Research in Spain
Organizer and Chair: Antonio Guillamon
Esther Gómez-Gil. Transgender health care in Spain: An overview.
Ángel Gómez. The role of identity fusion in the clinical and psychosocial process of sex reassignment.
Rosa Fernández. Molecular bases of gender: Androgen and estrogen receptor interaction.
Antonio Guillamon. An animal model of the effects of the feminization treatment on the adult male brain.

SYMPOSIUM II: Moving Beyond HIV Prevention: Sexual Health Promotion for Gay and Bisexual Men
Organizer and Chair: Trevor Hart
Trevor Hart. GPS: A program to reduce sexual compulsivity, loneliness, and sexual risk behavior among HIV+ gay and bisexual men.
Jason Mitchell. Findings from the Male Couples Agreement Project: Who included what in their agreements?
Michael S. Boroughs. Development of a transdiagnostic psychosocial intervention to address a history of bullying among emerging adult sexual minority men.

SYMPOSIUM III: Out with Cancer: LGBTI Experiences of Sex and Intimacy after Cancer
Organizer and Chair: Jane Ussher
Simon Rosser. The experience of gay and bisexual men following prostate cancer treatment.
Lisa Rubin. Reconstructing sex: Sexual minority women’s psychosexual adjustment following breast cancer and mastectomy.
Jane Ussher. Embodying sexual subjectivity after cancer: Examining the intersections of gender and sexual identity.

SYMPOSIUM IV: Current Developments in Research Assessing Attitudes Toward, the Prevalence of, and Experiences with Consensual Non-Monogamy
Organizer and Chair: Justin Lehmiller
Justin Lehmiller. The prevalence of consensually non-monogamous relationships in a demographically representative U.S. sample.
Ashley Thompson. Assessing young men’s and women’s implicit biases toward consensually non-monogamous relationship styles: An application of the Implicit Association Test.
Rhonda Balzarini. The role of relationship acceptance and secrecy in commitment processes and time spent on sex in monogamous and polyamorous relationships.
Katarzyna Grunt-Mejer. Polyamory in the experts discourse: The mechanisms of pathologization.

SYMPOSIUM V: Sexual Function Problems in Adolescents and Adults
Organizers and Chairs: Kirstin Mitchell and Lucia O’Sullivan
Ruth Lewis. Title to be determined.
Kirstin Mitchell. Sexual function in British 16- to 21-year-old youth.
Lucia O’Sullivan. Problems in sexual functioning among adolescents and young adults: Findings from longitudinal research and qualitative interviews.

SYMPOSIUM VI: Non-Western Third Genders
Organizers and Chairs: Doug VanderLaan and Paul Vasey
Doug VanderLaan. “Third” genders in Thailand: Sexual orientation profiles and developmental correlates.
Francisco Gomez. The evolution of male androphilia in the Zapotec Muxes.
Matthew Stief. A non-self report measure of sexual interest applied to hijra, kothi, and panthi in Mumbai, India.
Behzad S. Khorashad. Conceptualization and clinical context of transgenderism in Iran.

SYMPOSIUM VII: Social and Biological Effects of Chronic Stress among Socially and Economically Marginalized Sexual and Gender Minorities
Organizer and Chair: Brandon Hill
Brandon Hill. Immune response and inflammation among racial/ethnic minority transgender women and sexual minority men with chronic environmental stressors
Rick Crosby. Trauma and telomeres: The moderating effects of resilience and stable housing among transgender women in the U.S.
Tim van de Grift. Transgender body image and its role in psychosocial well-being.

Organizer and Chair: E. Sandra Byers
Kristen Mark. Bisexual and straight women's sexual well-being in the context of their long-term relationships with men.
Melanie Beres. Creating space for pleasure: How women shape relationships to suit their needs.
Jenny Higgins. The intimate link: Sexuality's critical role in women's contraceptive use (and vice versa).