IASR is pleased to announce a new initiative for its members with children. Student, associate, or full members who attend the annual meeting may apply for Child Care Financial Aid (CCFA) to help offset the costs associated with child care while an IASR parent(s) is attending the annual meeting.

For the 2017 Annual Meeting in Charleston, the Executive Board will be offering 11 awards at $200 USD each.


  • Any member (student, associate, or full) is allowed to apply for a CCFA.
  • Please consider your financial needs relative to others’ financial needs before applying.
  • CCFAs are available on a first come, first serve basis. The information that is collected below will only be used to get a sense of who will benefit from this initiative.
  • One CCFA will be available per IASR family. In other words, if two (or more) IASR members have a child or children together, only one CCFA will be granted.
  • Previous receipt of CCFA does not preclude a member from receiving CCFA in subsequent years.
  • CCFAs will be distributed following the annual meeting. The CCFA recipient must attend the annual meeting in order to receive the funding.