IASR 2019 Scientific Program

* Titles subject to change

The Richard Green Founding President Annual Presentation
Chair: Brian Mustanski
Chris Beyrer. How would you like your PrEP? The fit of new prevention tools to lived sexual lives.

Invited Plenary Speaker
Chair: Ellen Laan
Cordelia Fine. Title TBD.

Presidential Address
Eric Vilain. Stuck in the middle.

* Titles, speakers, and order subject to change

SYMPOSIUM I: Sex Research in Mexico
Organizer and Chair: Eusebio Rubio-Aurioles and Gabriela Rodriguez Manzo
Alonso Fernández-Guasti. Endocrine bases of same-sex performance.
Gabriela Rodriguez Manzo. Endocannabinoids and male sexual behavior: Studies in animal models.
Eusebio Rubio-Aurioles. Title TBD.

SYMPOSIUM II: Dissemination and Implementation of Sexual Science
Organizer and Chair: Natalie Rosen
Natalie Rosen. #postbabyhankypanky: An empirically-based knowledge sharing initiative.
Brian Mustanski. Moving beyond “If we build it, they will come”: Research on strategies for the implementation of effective eHealth HIV prevention programs.
Klaus Beier. Proactive strategies to implement prevention programs for persons with sexual interest in children.
Lori Brotto. Using social media influencers to disseminate sexual science to the public.

SYMPOSIUM III: Reaching the Other Half: Sex and Gender Influences on Autism Spectrum Disorder
Organizer and Chair: Eric Vilain
Meng-Chuan Lai. The impact of sex and gender on the presentation of autism.
Anna van der Miesen. Autistic symptoms in children and adolescents with gender dysphoria.
John Strang. Initial clinical guidelines for co-occurring autism spectrum disorder and gender dysphoria or incongruence in adolescents.

SYMPOSIUM IV: Sexual Pleasure and Orgasm
Organizer and Chair: Kristen Mark
Kristen Mark. The experience of sexual pleasure and orgasm in women with a history of sexual trauma.
Amand Gesselman. Orgasm essentialism and performative pleasure: Faking orgasm as essential for good sex.
Nicole Prause. Accuracy of orgasm onset and implications for orgasm measurement utilizing automated genital vibratory stimulation to orgasm.

PRESIDENTIAL SYMPOSIUM: Hurdling Over Sex? Sports, Science, and Equity
Organizer and Chair: Eric Vilain
Speakers and talk titles TBD.

MINI SYMPOSIUM I: Investigating “Mostly Heterosexual” Sexual Attractions
Organizer and Chair: James Morandini
Jeremy Jabbour. Do mostly heterosexual men have a distinct sexual arousal pattern?
Kevin Hsu. Does reduced sexual disgust facilitate mostly heterosexual men and women’s visual attention patterns?
James Morandini. Can learning that sexual orientation is continuous or fluid make you less straight?

MINI SYMPOSIUM II: Well-Being of Bisexual and Gay Men in Contemporary Latin America: An Evolving Area of Research
Organizer and Chair: Jaime Barrientos
Luis Ortiz-Hernández. Substance use among lesbian, gay and bisexual youth in Mexico: A puzzle to solve.
Angelo Brandelli Costa. The minority stress model: Construction of an assessment tool and characterization of the Brazilian context.
Jaime Barrientos. Gay men in Chile: Sociodemographic characteristics and quality of life.