IASR offers some awards publicly, for which membership is not an eligibility requirement. This page will keep those interested informed of the available opportunities.

The Richard Green Founding Editor Essay Award is an award that shall be granted for publication of an essay in Archives of Sexual Behavior on any aspect of sexual behavior. The essay should be a discussion that is theory-based or opinion-based and not a first report of a research study. The award will consist of $1,000 USD to accompany publication of the essay in Archives of Sexual Behavior. The selected essay will be published under the heading Richard Green Founding Editor Essay Award.

The essay for publication and the award will be selected by two members of the editorial board of Archives of Sexual Behavior appointed by the Editor. One will be a clinician whose primary discipline is psychiatry or psychology, and one will be a social scientist whose primary discipline is sociology or anthropology.

Announcements for the annual essay and award will be published in Archives of Sexual Behavior with procedures for entry submission. Read Dr. Kenneth Zucker's recent preliminary announcement here. Entry is open to any applicant.

Child Care Financial Aid (CCFA)

Searching for where to apply to financial assistance for the costs associated with child care while an IASR parent(s) is attending the annual meeting? Click here to read more and access the application.