Past IASR Conferences

2017: Charleston, South Carolina, USA hosted by R. G. Dwyer, J. G. Pfaus (President), and K. Suschinsky (Secretary-Treasurer)

2016: Malmö, Sweden, hosted by C. Löfgren-Mårtenson, H. Hoffman (President), and K. Suschinsky (Secretary-Treasurer)

2015: Toronto, Canada, hosted by T. Hart, J. Paul Fedoroff (President), and K. Suschinsky (Secretary-Treasurer)

2014: Dubrovnik, Croatia, hosted by A. Štulhofer, J. D. Fortenberry (President), and D. Moskowitz (Secretary-Treasurer)

2013: Chicago, Illinois, USA, hosted by B. Mustanski, J. van Lankveld (President), and D. Moskowitz (Secretary-Treasurer)

2012: Estoril, Portugal, hosted by P. Nobre, A. Carvalheira, P. Pascoal, E. Laan (President), and D. Moskowitz (Secretary-Treasurer)

2011: Los Angeles, California, USA hosted by E. Vilain, E. Janssen (President), and D. Moskowitz (Secretary-Treasurer)

2010: Prague, Czech Republic, hosted by P. Weiss, C. Graham (President), and L. Myers (Secretary-Treasurer)

2009: San Juan, Puerto Rico, hosted by A. Carballo-Dieguez, B. Ortiz, E. Coleman (President), and L. Myers (Secretary-Treasurer)

2008: Leuven, Belgium, hosted by P. Enzlin, I. Vanwesenbeeck (President), and L. Myers (Secretary-Treasurer)

2007: Vancouver, British Columbia, hosted by L. Brotto, M. Baum (President), and L. O'Sullivan (Secretary-Treasurer)

2006: Amsterdam, The Netherlands, hosted by E. Meuleman, K. J. Zucker (President), and L. O'Sullivan (Secretary-Treasurer)

2005: Ottawa, Canada, hosted by P. Fedoroff, M. Hines (President), and L. O'Sullivan (Secretary-Treasurer)

2004: Helsinki, Finland, hosted by O. Kontula, E. Haavio-Mannila, R. Blanchard (President), and L. O'Sullivan (Secretary-Treasurer)

2003: Bloomington, Indiana, USA, hosted by J. Bancroft, C. Graham, E. Janssen, T. Sandfort (President), and J. M. Bailey (Secretary-Treasurer)

2002: Hamburg, Germany, hosted by G. Schmidt, H. Richter-Appelt, K. Wallen (President), and J. M. Bailey (Secretary-Treasurer)

2001: Montréal, Canada, hosted by J. L. Rouleau, U. Clement (President), and K. J. Zucker (Secretary-Treasurer)

2000: Paris, France, hosted by A. Giami, R. Green (President), and K. J. Zucker (Secretary-Treasurer)

1999: Stony Brook, New York, USA, hosted by R. Green, M. Diamond (President), and K. J. Zucker (Secretary-Treasurer)

1998: Sirmione, Italy, hosted by C. Carani, J. H. Geer (President), and K. J. Zucker (Secretary-Treasurer)

1997: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA, hosted by J. H. Geer, J. Bancroft (President), and K. J. Zucker (Secretary-Treasurer)

1996: Rotterdam, Netherlands, hosted by A. K. Slob, R. C. Schiavi (President), and K. J. Zucker (Secretary-Treasurer)

1995: Provincetown, Massachusetts, USA, hosted by R. Pillard, A. K. Slob (President), and K. J. Zucker (Secretary-Treasurer)

1994: Edinburgh, Scotland, hosted by J. Bancroft, J. V. Becker (President), and K. J. Zucker (Secretary-Treasurer)

1993: Pacific Grove, California, USA, hosted by N. McCoy, L. Tiefer (President), and K. J. Zucker (Secretary-Treasurer)

1992: Prague, Czech Republic, hosted by J. Raboch, J. Zverina, P. O. Lundberg (President), and K. J. Zucker (Secretary-Treasurer)

1991: Barrie, Canada, hosted by R. Langevin, H. F. L. Meyer-Bahlburg (President), and K. J. Zucker (Secretary-Treasurer)

1990: Sigtuna, Sweden, hosted by P. O. Lundberg, R. C. Rosen (President), and K. J. Zucker (Secretary-Treasurer)

1989: Princeton, New Jersey, USA, hosted by S. Leiblum, R. Rosen, G. Kockott (President), and H. F. L. Meyer-Bahlburg (Secretary-Treasurer)

1988: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, hosted by S. Satterfield, J. H. Gagnon (President), and H. F. L. Meyer-Bahlburg (Secretary-Treasurer)

1987: Tutzing, West Germany, hosted by G. Kockott, E. M. Fahrner, W. Everaerd (President), and H. F. L. Meyer-Bahlburg (Secretary-Treasurer)

1986: Amsterdam, Netherlands, hosted by W. Everaerd, J. R. Heiman (President), and H. F. L. Meyer-Bahlburg (Secretary-Treasurer)

1985: Seattle, Washington, USA, hosted by J. R. Heiman, I. L. Reiss (President), and H. F. L. Meyer-Bahlburg (Secretary-Treasurer)

1984: Cambridge, United Kingdom, hosted by J. Herbert, G. Wagner (President), and H. F. L. Meyer-Bahlburg (Secretary-Treasurer)

1983: Harriman, New York, USA, hosted by A. A. Ehrhardt, J. Herbert (President), and H. F. L. Meyer-Bahlburg (Secretary-Treasurer)

1982: Copenhagen, Denmark, hosted by G. Wagner, A. A. Ehrhardt (President), and H. F. L. Meyer-Bahlburg (Secretary-Treasurer)

1981: Haifa, Israel, hosted by Z. Hoch, G. Schmidt (President), and H. F. L. Meyer-Bahlburg (Secretary-Treasurer)

1980: Tucson, Arizona, USA, hosted by D. Fordney, R. E. Whalen (President), and H. F. L. Meyer-Bahlburg (Secretary-Treasurer)

1979: Prague, Czech Republic, hosted by J. Raboch, P. H. Gebhard (President), and H. F. L. Meyer-Bahlburg (Secretary-Treasurer)

1978: Toronto, Canada, hosted by K. Freund, J. Raboch (President), and A. A. Ehrhardt (Secretary-Treasurer)

1977: Bloomington, Indiana, USA, hosted by P. Gebhard, F. A. Beach (President), and A. A. Ehrhardt (Secretary-Treasurer)

1976: Hamburg, Germany, hosted by G. Schmidt, J. Bancroft (President), J. Raboch (Vice-President), and R. E. Whalen (Secretary-Treasurer)

1975: Stony Brook, New York, USA, hosted by R. Green (Founding President), R. E. Whalen (Secretary), and V. Johnson (Treasurer)

1974: Founding Year

Photos from the 2017 Annual Meeting in Charleston, South Carolina

Photos from the 2016 Annual Meeting in Malmö, Sweden