Call for Proposals: Special Section of Archives of Sexual Behavior on Innovative Knowledge Translation in Sex Research

Proposals are currently being invited for a Special Section in the Archives of Sexual Behavior on innovative knowledge translation activities in sex research. The special section will be guest edited by Lori Brotto and Natalie Rosen. Please download the PDF here for full details.

Relevant Deadlines

  • Deadline for proposals: June 30, 2019

  • Decisions about proposals: July 15, 2019

  • Deadline for manuscript submissions: January 1, 2020

As this proposal and eventual submission might differ from typical empirical reports that you have written before, please feel free to reach out to the editors with any questions: Natalie Rosen,; Lori Brotto,

Nature Outlook featuring work from IASR members

Research from several IASR members was recently featured in the Nature Outlook: Women's Health. In the article, titled "Sexual arousal: Sex matters," author Anna Petherick writes:

"...research into women's psychological and physiological experiences of sex, and associated problems, has played second fiddle to equivalent work in men. Although a few other areas of biology and medicine also give women short shrift, the difference in sex research is compounded by cultural uneasiness at the idea of a woman's sexuality being distinct from her fertility. It has not helped that women lack an arousal marker that is as simple to measure as a penile erection. Some progress has been made...But rigorous exploration of the mechanisms underlying these associations — and how, therefore, women's sex lives might be improved — has only recently begun."

Click here to read about this fascinating research!