The SRDA provides funds to support mentored research that fosters the development of research skills and intellectual rigor of IASR student members beginning a career focused on sexuality research. For a list of previous winners, please click here.

Award Information

Two applicants per year will be selected to receive the $1,000 USD award. Funds can be made available in the currency of the recipients' choice (Canadian dollars, Euros, or USD) at the equivalent amount.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Recipients may be students from any discipline who are engaging in sex research. Students must be matriculated in a graduate program. Persons with completed terminal degrees (for example, those in post-doctoral programs) are not eligible unless working toward a second degree (e.g., another Masters, PhD, MD, or JD). In those few cases, verification is required by contacting the Secretary-Treasurer before submitting any material.
  • IASR student membership is required prior to application. Dues must be paid for the current and any relevant previous years.
  • Collaboration and support of at least one qualified research mentor is required. Mentor membership in IASR is not required.
  • Although attendance at the annual conference is advisable, it is not a pre-requisite of being awarded the SRDA. That is, applicants do not need to attend the annual IASR meeting to be considered for the award. Awardees will be announced during an award ceremony.
  • Previous winners are ineligible.

Expectations of Awardees

  • Project summary upon completion of the proposed research (and/or progress reports, as deemed necessary by the Executive Board)
  • Acknowledgement of IASR support in all project-related scientific presentations or publications

Submit an Application or Completion Report

To submit a proposal (new applicants) or a completion report (previous award recipients), please choose the applicable button below.

The student application deadline is May 1, 2018. Students will be asked to provide their contact information, verification of IASR membership, relevant prior experience, mentor information, and a detailed description of their proposed research. To aid in preparation, consult the PDF guide to the SRDA application.

Once the application is received, an automatic request for recommendation will be sent to the proposed mentor. The standardized form will ask for an appraisal of the student's proposed research and description of the intended mentoring plan. Mentors must submit their recommendations by May 4, 2018.

Past award recipients who are ready to submit their completion reports should enter their information in the form linked above and attach a 1-2 page summary of their completed project. Include any publications or presentations resulting from the SRDA-funded research.