Third Annual Sexuality Pre-Conference at SPSP

Sexuality is a vibrant and growing area of research in social-personality psychology. Our third annual Sexuality Preconference for the 2016 SPSP meeting will draw together top scholars in the field to explore current controversies in human sexuality research. Our invited speakers will address a diverse set of controversies from an interdisciplinary perspective, featuring topics such as sex and pornography addiction, sexting, generational differences in sexual attitudes and behaviors, and sexual violence. The preconference will also include a data blitz in which researchers at any stage can present their latest findings in brief format. Our overall goal is to educate social psychologists about the relevance of sexuality to their own work. 


Dates: January 28, 2016

Location: San Diego, California

Abstract Submission Deadline: November 1, 2015

Early Bird Registration Deadline: December 18, 2015


Karen L. Blair

Dr. Karen Blair is a social psychologist who studies the connections between romantic relationships and health, social approval for romantic relationships, sexuality and LGBTQ psychology. Her latest research is focusing on the potential health benefits (and costs) of public displays of affection (PDAs) in both mixed-sex and same-sex couples. Do PDAs provide health boosting moments of support for all couples, or might stigmatized couples experience PDAs as a source of stress and discomfort? As part of this line of research, a study on the psychophysiology of prejudice is being crowdfunded on the science funding site, Microryza. Dr. Blair also offers consulting services for online research development and implementation.