Chair: Heather Hoffman

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? Whatever happened to the pharmacology of sexual behavior?
James Pfaus

Chair: James Pfaus

The developmental effects of oxytocin: A love story
Richard Green Founding President Annual Presentation
C. Sue Carter

Surprising origins of sex differences in the brain
Peg McCarthy


Sex Research from the Medical University of South Carolina and our International Partners
Organizer and Chair: R. Gregg Dwyer

  • R. Gregg Dwyer, J. Paul Fedoroff, Lisa Murphy, Rebecca Ranger, Natasha Knack, B. Burke, Joe Secondary, Joe Cheng, & Xingboa Li: South Carolina Sexual Behaviors Clinic and Lab: International collaborations using brain imaging and other technology to study paraphilic disorders
  • Katerina Klapilova: Challenges of cross-cultural paraphilic research: Brain and penile reactions to shared stimuli in Czech and American pedophiles
  • William Burke: Multiple paraphilic behaviors among sex offenders: A comparative analysis

Organizer and Chair: Erik Wibowo

  • Thomas Johnson: Eunuchs: Voluntary and involuntary, intentional and not
  • Erik Wibowo: Sexual function of voluntarily castrated individuals with and without hormone supplementation
  • Richard Wassersug: The costs (and benefits) of androgen deprivation for prostate cancer patients
  • J. Paul Fedoroff: What does testosterone have to do with it?

“Normalizing” Genital Surgery in Children with DSD: If and when?
Organizer and Chair: Heino Meyer-Bahlburg

  • Heino Meyer-Bahlburg: History of normalizing genital surgery
  • Ian Aaronson: The surgeon’s perspective
  • Nina Callens: Long-term data on surgery outcomes
  • Heino Meyer-Bahlburg: DSD patients’ attitudes to surgery

The Social Brain: Sex, Bonding, Affiliation, and Fear
Presidential Symposium
Organizer and Chair: James Pfaus

  • Inga Neumann: Reversal of cued and social fear by brain oxytocin: Importance of lactation and sexual activity
  • Annaliese Beery: The social brain: Toward a neurobiology of peer affiliation
  • James Pfaus: The pleasure principle revisited: How early experience with sexual reward conditions sexual arousal and desire

New Directions in Understanding the Multifaceted Role of Identity and Identity Development for LGBT Health
Organizer and Chair: Bethany Everett

  • Bethany Everett: Sexual identity mobility and sexual health risks: Results from a nationally representative longitudinal study
  • Wendy Bostwick: Dimensions of bisexual identity: Findings from a mixed-method study of racially/ethnically diverse bisexual women
  • Sabra Katz-Wise: Youth and caregiver perceptions of trans youths' identity processes
  • Alida Bouris & Brandon J. Hill: An exploratory study of the mother-adolescent relationship as a resource for the health of sexual and gender minoritized youth of color

Activism versus Science in the Treatment of Gender Dysphoria
Organizer and Chair: J. Michael Bailey

  • Eric Vilain: Contentious issues in the conceptualization of gender dysphoria
  • Kenneth J. Zucker: Persistence and desistance of children with gender dysphoria
  • Lisa Littman: Rapid onset of gender dysphoria in adolescents and young adults
  • J. Michael Bailey: Autogynephilia: The cross-dressed elephant in the room

The State of the Art of Evidence-Based Treatments for Sexual Dysfunction
Organizer and Chair: Pedro Nobre

  • Pedro Nobre, C. Oliveira, S. Vilarinho, M. Peixoto, Patricia Pascoal, Raquel Pereira, Ana-Louisa Quinta-Gomes, Ines Tavares, P. Vendeira, & Julia R. Heiman: Psychological interventions for male sexual dysfunction: New research findings and clinical implications
  • Lori A. Brotto, Sophie Bergeron, Bozena Zdaniuk, Miriam Driscoll, Andrea Grabovac, Leslie Sadownik, Kelly B. Smith, & Rosemary Basson: Tuning in or tuning out? Mindfulness versus cognitive behavioral therapy for the treatment of provoked vestibulodynia and what works for whom
  • Sophie Bergeron & Natalie O. Rosen: A novel cognitive-behavioral couple intervention for treating genito-pelvic pain

Implicit Cognition in Sexual Functioning
Organizer and Chair: Jacques van Lankveld

  • Marieke DeWitte: Implicit processing of sexual stimuli
  • Jacques van Lankveld: Automatic associations with erotic stimuli: Differences between functional and dysfunctional women and men
  • Charmaine Borg: Neuroimaging studies of implicit associations with pornographic stimuli