Membership Dues

  • Full and associate member dues (regular membership dues) are $150 USD + a $5 USD administrative fee to pay for the collection.
  • Retired member dues are $80 + a $5 USD administrative fee. ***You must have previously applied for retired membership to qualify for this rate. If you wish to apply for retired membership next year, please email Dr. Kelly Suschinsky, the Secretary-Treasurer, directly at***
  • Student member dues are $50 + $1 USD administrative fee. Existing student members must pay their membership dues online.

Students who wish to attend the conference at the preferential student membership rate must become student members prior to registering for the conference. For membership application details, click here. Students who have not paid their membership dues will not be eligible for any of the student awards.

In an effort to save members money on foreign currency exchange, IASR accepts payments in US dollars, Canadian dollars, and Euros. Please be sure to select the correct currency for your payment.

Step 1: Select Currency of Payment for Payment via Paypal

In order to access the payment page for your currency of choice, you will need the password that was sent to you in your Membership Renewal Notice email. If you have lost this password, please contact Dr. Kelly Suschinsky, the Secretary-Treasurer, at

Payment by Check

If you do not wish to pay the administrative fee ($5 or $1), we are accepting payments by check mailed to:

Kelly Suschinsky, PhD
Secretary-Treasurer, IASR
Department of Psychology, Queen's University
62 Arch Street
Kingston, Ontario K7L3N6, Canada

Full/associate ($150 USD), retired ($80 USD), and student ($50 USD) members, make your check payments out to "International Academy of Sex Research."

IMPORTANT FOR NON-US MEMBERS PAYING BY INTERNATIONAL BANK CHECK: Please make sure to ask your bank about the international charges associated with an international check. For example, in 2014, there were instances when banks would take out 20-25% of the amount being sent. If your bank is planning to do this, please add whatever amount they are planning to take out to your membership dues (e.g., if you are a Full member and they take out $15, please make sure the check is for $165; if they are taking out $40 to transfer bank-to-bank, make your payment amount $190).