Post-Doctoral Researcher with Dr. Sari van Anders at Queen's University

Our research encompasses feminist and queer science, sex research, gender/sex and sexual diversity, and social neuroendocrinology. We employ diverse interdisciplinary methods, including qualitative and quantitative approaches, like experiments, correlational analyses, longitudinal designs, thematic coding, and more. Our lab uses feminist and queer approaches to do socially situated science and scholarship that is biologically expansive (not reductionist), biolegible (i.e., to other bioscientists), and informed by lived experiences (e.g. critically reflective narratives of the minoritized and marginalized). There are many ongoing lines of research (see and some new ones about to begin (including exploring hormonal effects of entitlement and oppressing others). Dr. van Anders is moving to Queen’s University on July 1, 2018, to be the Canada 150 Research Chair in Social Neuroendocrinology, Sexuality, and Gender/Sex, and this chair comes with funds to support ongoing and new lines of research in the lab, including those that the post doc and Dr. van Anders might initiate and work on together.

Applications will be reviewed beginning June 4 until the position is filled, so apply soon!

More informationVisit the job posting or download the PDF announcement.