IASR members are eligible for four awards recognizing outstanding research contributions in the field of sexuality.

Brief communication presentations are judged by a panel at each year's conference. Student and senior members are eligible for this award. The award is valued at $500 USD. The winner is announced at the closing banquet. For a list of past winners, click here

IASR members may opt to have their posters judged for the Best Senior Poster Award when submitting their abstracts for review for the annual conference. The award is valued at $500 USD. The winner is announced at the closing banquet. For a list of past winners, click here

The Richard Green Founding President Annual Presentation (the “Presentation”) began in 2016 and occurs once per year at the annual meeting. The Presentation shall consist of a minimum of twenty minutes for an oral presentation with up to ten minutes for discussion after the oral presentation. Nominations for speakers will be reviewed by a committee composed of three full IASR members, consisting of one full-time member who is either a clinical psychiatrist or clinical psychologist, one full-time member who is a laboratory research scientist, and one full-time member who is either a sociologist, anthropologist, or lawyer.

The speaker shall be reimbursed for expenses to attend the Presentation. Reimbursement shall include coach class travel, other necessary transportation, hotel accommodations, meals, and the annual meeting registration fee.

Selection of the speaker shall be either from a pool of applicants responding to an announcement by IASR or from nominations proposed by the Selection Committee. Check back at the conference announcements page for details on how to propose a plenary speaker.

The Richard Green Lifetime Achievement Award is to be awarded on an occasional basis to recognize outstanding lifetime achievements in sexual science and contributions to the Academy. Normally, in order to recognize lifetime achievement, awards will go to individuals who are toward the end of their career. The call for nominations will occur every year prior to the Annual Meeting, and the Executive Committee will make final decisions about whether an award will be given. No more than one award will be granted in any particular year. Nominations for 2019 are due May 15.

Eligibility requirements include:

  • Nominators must be a member of the Academy in good standing (i.e., dues paid)

  • The nomination must be endorsed by five other members of the Academy (all in good standing); signatures on the nomination letter (see below) or brief emails of support will be accepted as endorsements

  • Members of the Executive are eligible to be nominators but are not eligible for the award

Nominations must include a letter detailing:

  • The nature of the individual’s work and its impact on the field of sexual science

  • The nature of the individual's involvement with the Academy and their impact on the organization