IASR membership is by election. All membership applications (student, associate, and full) are reviewed quarterly by the Membership Committee, consisting of Drs. J. Paul Fedoroff (Chair), Walter Everaerd, Lin Meyers, and David Moskowitz. There will typically be two calls for membership applications or promotions prior to the annual meeting to allow new members to register at the reduced member rate. Two additional calls will occur after the annual meeting.

The process is initiated by a current member who nominates the prospective member. The candidate fills out the membership application form and uploads his or her curriculum vitae, upon submission of which the sponsor will be automatically emailed for a letter of nomination. The Secretary-Treasurer then forwards these materials (the letter and vitae) to the Membership Committee for review.


Although these criteria are not absolute, associate members are expected to have at least three sex-related publications in peer-reviewed journals. Full members should have at least ten. First-authored publications in well-known journals are viewed especially favorably, as are systematic peer-reviewed empirical studies (as opposed to clinical reports and book chapters, for example).

Student members are graduate students engaging in sex research at an institute of higher learning. Students must be nominated by a member of the Academy, typically their academic mentor, who will serve as their sponsor.

Paying Dues and Renewing Membership

New and continuing members must pay their dues in order to receive membership benefits, including the reduced registration rate for annual meetings. In order to renew your membership, you will need the password for membership dues which was sent to you in your renewal notice email. For more information or to pay your renewal dues, please click here.